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Park Home Vake

Park Home Vake

First residential complex by “Anagi Development” – Park Home, combines quiet living environment, broad recreational space and facilities necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle in the vibrant city center. Premium class and energy efficient residential complex located in the Vake district is adapted to the needs of modern man - you can listen to the heartbeat of the capital, relax and get any service necessary for a comfortable living.

Located in 200 meters from Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue Park Home unites 3 independent 10-story buildings. Residential complex is surrounded by the biggest recreational space in the district (8000 m2). Inhabitants will be able to make use of playgrounds and sports grounds, 25-meter swimming pool, gym, parking facility and the concierge service. Additionally, 2-hectare large park will be set up in front of the complex. “Anagi Development” plans to actively take part in the process.

In the very heart of the city Vake district, you will find what you might only have imagined in the suburbs on anunoccupied territory.

Green terraces await in Park home – vertical and horizontal gardening ensures clean air circulation.

Maximum safety measures are present in the Park Home, including 24-hour security monitoring and non-stop video surveillance.

We have a brand new approach towards delivery condition of the apartments – “Comfort Standard+”, apartment is brought to a state of cosmetic repair, fully equipped with air conditioning and heating systems and comprising elements of a smart home.

The construction of Park Home is finished in the September of 2022.

  • 8000 sq.m recreational space
  • Terraces
  • Protected yard
  • Sports ground
  • Playgrounds
  • Lobby with concierge services
  • 25-meter pool and fitness center
  • Parking spaces

Conditions of apartment

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Park Home Saburtalo
Park Home Vake
Villa Ambassadori
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0 - 50 m2
51 - 100 m2
101 - 150 m2
151 - 200 m2
201 - 250 m2
251 m2 <
100000 - 150000 ₾
151000 - 200000 ₾
201000 - 250000 ₾
251000 - 300000 ₾
301000 - 350000 ₾
351000 ₾ >
20000 - 100000 $
100000 - 150000 $
151000 - 200000 $
201000 $ >
1 Room
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5 room

View from apartment

Enjoy panoramic views of the green yard, park and whole city.


Park home is located in the Vake district, in 200 meters from I. Chavchavadze Ave., nearby “new highway” and next to the Vake Police Station and Tennis Courts.
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